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Teacher of the Year

2022 & 2023 PGA of Saskatchewan


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What clients are saying:

“I want to say how impressed I was with the golf lesson I with had with Garrett. Gmac has a very friendly disposition and is very willing to help. I feel like I work very hard at the sport to improve, having golf lessons with Garrett is only going to help me lower my handicap. Thanks Garrett, will see you again soon!"

Bob R.

Mr. McMillan has shown the ability to teach a wide range of golfers. From beginners who are taking their first swings to seasoned players who have more specific goals, he can help. Part of his success as a teacher is connecting with each student early on to identify what they want to achieve. A program for a beginner looks very different than one for a player looking to play better competitively. Although this individualized approach is more time intensive, it leads to better results.

Luc C.

Garrett's ability to quickly identify golf swing issues and provide catered solutions per player is truly impressive. Since I started getting coached by Garrett in 2019 I have dropped my handicap from a 17 to a 7, and have always known that he cares about my golf game just as much as I do.  What sets him apart are his techniques of using video and platforms such as Coach Now to supply high performance coaching. He truly is a passionate innovator in the golf space, and I leave every coaching session knowing I have made an improvement in my overall game.

Landon F.



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