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make it simple.

make it effective.

make it fun!

Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Garrett McMillan is a PGA of Canada Class A Professional. Originally Golf Academy of Regina, Garrett McMillan adopted the brand GMAC Golf in 2019. Golf lessons & instruction designed for any level of golfer, Garrett is here to help you with your game.


Golf is complicated enough, you don't need complicated golf lesson instruction to make it worse. Simple, effective information that creates an understanding for all levels of the golf game. Technology these days has come so far, so we try to use as much as we can in order to paint a picture that makes sense in the golfers head. 


I want you walking away  knowing exactly what you need to work on! You should retain the information you learn.

Club Fitting

Sometimes it IS the clubs! I can custom fit you for golf clubs and make sure that they perform the way they need to for your game.


Golf is a game! If it isn't fun, you're doing something wrong. If  golf lessons aren't fun, I'M doing something wrong.


Technology like my Foresight GC Quad, and simulators from Full Swing Golf help paint the full picture.

GMAC Golf - Garrett McMillan


Garrett McMillan


PGA of Canada Professional

Bachelor of Kinesiology Sport & Recreation Management, University of Regina

A passion for teaching golf to players of all skill levels and ages. From beginner group lessons to coaching high level player, Garrett has a way of conveying information to anyone.

Garrett has been in the golf business since 2003. He started in retail and moved to the golf course in 2011. Garrett turned professional in 2015 and received his Class "A" Status from the PGA of Canada in 2020.

Garrett was awarded the Assistant Professional of the Year in both 2017 & 2018.


Peak Performance Training - Foresight Golf

Superspeed Training System

Certified Club Fitter - Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist

Using technology

There are some amazing tools at our disposal these days as golf professionals! I use the Foresight GC Quad to give incredibly accurate data during golf lessons. In the winter my indoor facility (First Tee Indoor Golf Centre) uses Full Swing Golf Simulators to provide feedback to golfers so they know that their practice is on the right path. With both Foresight and Full Swing products, you're game is in good hands.

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